This is everything to me right now.

Title: Grind Artist: Les Sins 2,911 plays


Grind - Les Sins


My favorite blog, currently: myownprivatememories

  • simple
  • no effort involved(which is how i like it and how it should be)
  • goes to nice looking places
  • wears nice clothes
  • just simple documentation or what she does and whats happening around her
#its nice  

I only see nice places on Tuesday. I leave my house at 10pm with some friends, hop on a bus, get off and don’t stop walking until four. I only enjoy this part of the day now.  This six-hour interval has become the highlight of my summer.

My first beer

My ex-girlfriend has a picture like this lol..

I’ve seen this before

Places to drift

Bangs by David Choe


It’s dark over here.